My Practice Philosophy

The child’s experience

The focus of my practice is to recognize child behavioral and emotional challenges resulting from trauma, anxiety, stress, loss and depression. My counseling goal is to assist both child and parent towards understanding behavior, communicating feelings and facilitate healthy responses.

Counseling for the child involves three distinctive mediums of non-verbal communication: Play, Sand Tray and Art. Thru the use of these media children let me know their inner emotions of anxiety, joy, fear and pain. These modalities can in turn be used as aides to assist the child in understanding and developing constructive coping skills to deal with their behavioral and emotional challenges.


Play is a natural medium for a child’s self-expression. Children understand and experience the world through play. Have your ever listened to your children and their playmates? By playing out feelings in a safe, supported environment, a child articulates their emotions, faces their fears and learns to control or abandon overpowering emotions.

Sand Tray

Sand is also a normal play medium for children. A child’s world consists of villains, heroes and monsters. A world made of sand and miniature characters are a stage by which a child can act out the relationship between the characters that inhabit his/her subconscious.


Paint, pencils, crayons, markers and paper are a third medium children use to describe their emotions and sense of self through expression in color and pictures.

The Parent’s Experience

Parenting is a tough, frustrating, and sometimes lonely job. I have been a parent for twenty-two years and counting. I have experienced the rewards and pain of raising two children and understand the rewards and daily stresses confronting parents today.

My goal is to establish a working relationship with parents and create a supportive environment allowing them to explore positive and negative views of parenting that may have been learned during their own childhood. Since family support is the key to a child’s processing and success, I coach parents in positive ways to interact and play with their children and help them acquire new approaches to situations that have a positive outcome for the child and the family.