You’re Not Perfect (but who is?)

Perfection is an overrated illusion held by (lets admit it ladies)  moms/wives/daughters/girl friends, in other words anyone female, during the holidays. This bogus concept can lead to stress, tension, nail biting, Godzilla like behavior and most importantly, missed interactions and enjoyment with family and friends. The reality is that despite your best efforts, prayers and curses, sometimes the gravy is lumpy, the turkey dry and the pie crust not so flaky.

We can’t help it, we show our love and nurturing to family and friends, by providing enormous amounts of good food and creating a beautiful  holiday environment to help get everyone into the “holiday spirit,” except for ourselves, we’re exhausted! Do you want family and friends to remember singing carols or watching A Christmas Carol with you? or with out you because you put yourself in the kitchen cooking till midnight  that last batch of cookies to add to the ten dozen you already have? Step back, take a “Me Moment”, reconnect with yourself and what this holiday means for you, asking the hard question “DO I REALLY NEED TO DO THIS?” The best gift to family and friends and one that will be remembered for holidays to come, is your presence and time participating in holiday traditions.  Eggnog anyone? 

Teri’s Tip – Me Moment

Read the following first, then begin, it’s ok  you can peek!

Sit in a comfortable position, hands placed lightly in your lap, feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, place your right hand on your belly (below your belly button) and your left hand on your heart.

Breath. Notice your right hand rising and falling as you inhale and exhale. Feel your lungs expand with each in-breath, filling your body from the bottom of your feet, to top of your head.

Breath. Feel your lungs release the air, letting go of the tension in your muscles, especially your pelvis and hips, places we hold the most stress, feel the tension running down like water, from the top of your head to your feet.

Don’t focus on the “mind chatter,” just your breathing, in and out. Think about the positive/happy aspects of the season. Breath. The love you have for family and friends Breath and if you have a spiritual or religious practice, invite that in. If not, Breath and just enjoy being aware of where you are right now, sitting and breathing. Let this feeling continue to fill your heart and body with love and joy.

Take your time just breathing with these positive emotions coming from your heart and spreading outward to the edge of your skin, fingers, toes. When you feel ready, take one more deep breath and open your eyes. Remember this feeling and when you next see your partner, parents, friends, children, give them a big hug  with a heartfelt “I Love You.” Repeat the “Me Moment” as often as necessary.